Part One: Our Trip to Philmont 2013

After many late nights, early mornings, hours of work and packing, we finally left for our much anticipated trip to Philmont!!!

We are on our way! 

Thank goodness for our big, red bus!
(Mark is wearing earphones because he's on a conference call.  He spent the first four hours of the trip on calls.  Never again will there be Philmont, a National Jamboree, and a centennial all in the same summer!)

We stopped in Provo to see Dave, Melissa, and girls, but not Karsten.  :(

The drive was beautiful, and brought back memories of other trips to Philmont. ("Someone had the idea, to think about the idea, to share the idea, to make the idea work!" -Mama, 1988

Thanks to Mark's traveling points, we stayed for free at a lovely Marriott Residence Inn in Durango, Colorado.  They served a free breakfast, and a free dinner!

We couldn't resist stopping at a beautiful cave in New Mexico.  The sky was overcast, and the colors were magnificent!

Autumn loves being the youngest!

People everywhere asked about our shirts, and the QR code on the back, which takes them to the "Family:  A Proclamation on the World."  We liked being scanned by smartphones!

Can hardly believe we're here!

We arrived at the Hammer's house in pouring rain!  Had to enter through their garage.

When the rain stopped, we all took a lovely bikeride/walk through their beautiful town.

And of course, we helped them with a yard project.  Many hands make light work!
Cousin Heaven!

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