I lost a child yesterday. Yep! Absolutely, totally, completely forgot about him.

I know what you as the reader are thinking. “Crazy mom! How un-attentive! How could you do such a thing!?! You have too many children!!!”

Now, just slow down and let me defend myself. I DO have quite a few children. Nine little people is a lot to keep track of. But in my own defense, the older ones don’t need as much watching, and generally even contribute to keeping tabs on the younger folks. So, as my first “lost child” offense in 17 years, I think I have a pretty good record. Here’s how my day went:


Summer is beautiful. The world is full and ripe and gorgeous. Everything blooms and grows and produces. There’s enough and to spare, until autumn. Then the first frost comes. It comes with little warning — a summer day, a warm night, a slight cloud on the horizon, and a weather forecast. If you miss the signs, you’re taken by surprise.