Training the Tot - Without traumatizing the parent  
Successful potty-training tips

  • Much of motherhood is glorious, uplifting and fun. However, there is one chore which looms over even the most cheerful and talented mothers: Potty training. When my first son was 1-year-old, I delved with excitement into the mission at hand. Unfortunately, the process (which spanned a year and a half) left me older and wiser, and vowing that I would never again train another breathing thing.


My first article for was published Sunday, March 16th.  Within the first day it had over 6,000 hits, and is now approaching 9,000.  Hooray!  

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Taking small children to church can be a daunting task for any parent. Here are a few tips for teaching your children to sit quietly during the service.

Church. For a parent with young children, the word may bring to my mind visions of temper tantrums, Cheerios thrown into the adjacent pew, and, “I have to go potty,” screamed at the wrong moment. Yet, those of us who want our children to be honest, upright citizens often make a weekly pilgrimage to a religious service.


I love Jane Eyre. Her story is the perfect mixture of love, tragedy, self-victory, passion, and eventually, "happily ever after" ... the ideal Valentine romance. A few years ago a new film of Jane Eyre was released, and my girlfriends flocked to the theater to see this latest chick-flick.

Afterwards, we discussed all of the heart-wrenching details. "Mr. Rochester was so handsome." "Jane was so right." "True love always prevails." Any girl longs to be smart, modest, serene, quietly beautiful, and completely adored by someone who needs her desperately.

Wisdom from a Witch

I’m a witch. I just need to admit it, and then I’ll feel better about myself. I didn’t mean to be a witch. When I was a little girl, I was kind and gentle, meek and happy. Then I went to college. I was kind and gentle, meek and happy. Then I got married. I was kind and gentle, meek and happy. Then, I had children, and a witch was born. (Not the baby, it was me.)


The Hunsaker Family, Christmas 1993

It was December of 1993 when Papa's Song happened.  I was a junior at the university, and life was coming to a bend in the road.  During my Christmas break, I had several touching moments at home with my family.  The most memorable was on Christmas Eve, when Papa rocked me by the tree for the last time, singing a song he had sung to me every Christmas for as long as I could remember.


"Biggie" size your family.  I'm serious!  Although the latest news topics generally discourage any "biggie" sizing (i.e.:  let's fight obesity in America), in one life department - families - upgrading is essential.  Not just essential, but vital to our world.  Yep, you heard me right.  I'm encouraging - even promoting - large families and lots of children.